1 to yield, to cease resistance, to give in.
Darse a with noun or infinitive, to execute quickly or repeatedly the action of the verb
2 to give oneself up to virtue or vice.
3 darse a la vela.
4 to surrender at discretion, in hunting (pájaros), to halt fatigued. (Military)
5 to concern, to interest.
Si se da el caso if that happens
El cultivo se da bien este año the crop is coming on well this year
Darse por perdido to give oneself up for lost
Se le dan muy bien las matemáticas she's pretty good at maths
Dársela a uno to fool somebody
Darse por vencido to surrender
Me doy por vencido I give it up
Darse las manos to shake hands
Darse maña to manage one's affairs in an able manner; to contrive
Darse prisa to make haste, to hasten, to accelerate
Darse una panzada (Coll.) to be fed to satiety and sickness
Darse una vuelta to scrutinize one's own conduct, to find out one's own faults
* * *
verbo pronominal
1 (entregarse) to give in, surrender
2 (suceder, existir) to happen, occur
a veces se da este caso this sometimes happens
se da el caso que ... the thing is that ...
3 (crecer) to grow; (cultivarse) to be found, grow
aquí se dan bien las patatas potatoes grow well here
4 darse a (consagrarse) to devote oneself to; (a un vicio) to take to, abandon oneself to
se dio al estudio she devoted herself to study
se ha dado a la bebida he has taken to drink
5 darse con/contra (chocar) to crash (contra/con, into)
* * *
1) (=entregarse) to give in
2) (=golpearse) to hit o.s.

¿dónde te has dado? — where did you hit yourself?

darse con o contra — to bump into

me he dado contra la esquina del armario — I bumped into the edge of the cupboard

nariz 2)
3) (=ocurrir) [suceso] to happen

si se da el caso — if that happens

se han dado muchos casos — there have been a lot of cases

se dio una situación extraña — a strange situation arose

4) (=crecer) to grow

esa planta no se da en el sur — that plant doesn't grow in the south

los pepinos se dan bien en esta tierra — cucumbers grow well on this land

el cultivo se da bien este año — the crop is doing well this year

5) [seguido de preposición]
darse a to take to

darse a la bebida — to take to drink, start drinking

darse de sí [cuero, tela] to give, stretch dárselas de to make o.s. out to be

se las da de experto — he makes himself out to be an expert

¡no te las des de listo! — stop acting clever!

darse por

no se dio por aludido — he didn't take the hint

darse por ofendido — to take offence

darse por perdido — to give o.s. up for lost

con llegar me doy por satisfecho — I'll be quite happy if we just get there

me doy por vencido — I give up, I give in

6) dársele bien a algn

se me dan bien las ciencias — I'm good at science

se le dan muy bien las matemáticas — she's very good at maths

dársele mal a algn

se me dan muy mal los idiomas — I'm very bad at languages

no se me da mal — I'm not doing too badly at it

- no se me da un higo o bledo o rábano
- dársela con queso a algn
* * *
(v.) = appear, occur
Ex. The statement of authorship is also transcribed and it appears in the work.
Ex. In DOBIS/LIBIS, this occurs only when entering multiple surnames.
* * *
(v.) = appear, occur

Ex: The statement of authorship is also transcribed and it appears in the work.

Ex: In DOBIS/LIBIS, this occurs only when entering multiple surnames.

* * *


■darse verbo reflexivo
1 (producirse, tener lugar) esa enfermedad se da en el norte de Europa, that disease is common in the North of Europe
se dieron una serie de coincidencias, a series of coincidences occurred
los frutales se dan muy bien en Levante, fruit trees grow really well in Levante
2 (hallarse) to be found, exist
3 (aplicarse) devote oneself
4 (causar cierta impresión) me doy lástima, I feel sorry for myself
5 (tener habilidad para algo) se le dan bien las matemáticas, he's good at maths 5 darse a, (entregarse, abandonarse) to take to: se dio a la bebida, he took to drink 6 darse con o contra, to bump o crash into
♦ Locuciones: darse por satisfecho, to feel satisfied
darse por vencido, to give in
dárselas de, to boast about: se las da de culto, he pretends to be very refined
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- realize
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- speed up
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- swim
- take to
- thrust forward
- unawares
- unwitting
- unwittingly
- walk into
- appreciate
- bang
- bath
- belly
- bump
- come
- count
- exchange
- flourish
- knock
- latch
- life
- live
- message
- occur
- plunge
* * *
1. [suceder] to occur, to happen;
se da pocas veces it rarely happens;
se dio la circunstancia de que un médico pasaba por allí en ese momento it so happened that a doctor was passing that way at the time;
este fenómeno se da en regiones tropicales this phenomenon occurs o is seen in tropical regions;
si se diera el caso, ven en taxi if necessary o if need be, get a taxi
2. [entregarse]
darse a la bebida to take to drink;
se ha dado a cuidar niños abandonados she has devoted herself to caring for abandoned children
3. [golpearse]
darse contra o [m5]con to hit;
se dieron contra una farola they crashed into o hit a lamppost;
se dio de narices en la puerta she bumped o walked into the door
4. [tener aptitud]
se me da bien/mal el latín I'm good/bad at Latin;
se me da muy bien jugar al baloncesto I'm good at basketball;
¿qué tal se te da la química? are you any good at chemistry?, how are you at chemistry?
5. [considerarse]
darse por to consider oneself (to be);
darse por vencido to give in;
me doy por satisfecho con tu disculpa I'm satisfied with your apology;
me doy por satisfecho con que acabemos entre los tres primeros I'll be satisfied o happy if we finish in the first three;
con estos resultados me doy por contento I'm quite happy with these results, I'll settle for these results;
nos dirigíamos a él, pero no se dio por enterado our remarks were aimed at him, but he pretended not to notice
6. [uso recíproco]
se dieron los regalos they exchanged presents, they gave each other their presents;
se dieron de puñetazos a la salida del bar they had a fight outside the bar
7. [uso reflexivo]
darse una ducha/un baño to have a shower/bath;
date prisa, que no llegamos hurry up, we're late
8. RP [tratarse]
no se da con sus primos he doesn't have much to do with his cousins
9. Comp
Esp Fam
dársela a alguien: tiene buenos modales y cara de inocente, pero a mí no me la da she's well-mannered and has an innocent face, but she can't fool me;
dárselas de algo: se las da de intelectual/elegante he fancies himself as an intellectual/a dandy;
se las da de listo he makes out (that) he's clever;
se las da de interesante, pero es aburridísimo he reckons he's interesting, but he's actually really boring
* * *
1 de situación arise
darse a algo take to sth
esto se me da bien I’m good at this
dárselas de algo make o.s. out to be sth, claim to be sth
a mí no me las das fam you don’t fool me
* * *
1) : to give in, to surrender
2) : to occur, to arise
3) : to grow, to come up
darse con or
darse contra : to hit oneself against
dárselas de : to boast about
se las da de muy listo: he thinks he's very smart
* * *
darse vb
1. (ocurrir) to happen / to occur
se dio un caso curioso something strange happened
se han dado muchos casos similares there have been a lot of similar cases
2. (actividad, asignatura) to be
se me da bien el francés I'm good at French
se le dan bien las mates he's good at maths
3. (golpearse) to hit [pt. & pp. hit] / to bang
se dio con la cabeza contra la pared he banged his head on the wall
4. (tomarse) to have
se dio un baño she had a bath

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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